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Moving Horizons is a place,
where intertwining creativity,
passion and experience

Our priority in the process of realizing the highest quality projects is a thorough analysis of the client’s business needs and careful execution of all tasks. The key goal of our activity is to ensure the highest quality of services and to create an above-average product.

The approach to each project is individual, so each creation is unique and professional.

  • Branding
  • Marketing design
  • Website
  • Software
  • Post-production video


Why everyone associates companies like Coca-Cola,Apple, Facebook? They know those logos,guiding colors,characteristic shapes? It’s not about their famous. The main role plays consistent and thoughtful branding. Logo which will be remembered by the customer and the same time fascinating. Every next thing related with company is the perfect wiht the same canon: business cards, letterheads, websites and all anothers elements visual indentification.

This is a quintessence what we offer: creativity, consistency and uniqueness.

Marketing design

Marketing is one of the key pillars that contribute to the success of a company or product. For this reason, it is a priority to ensure that all advertising material looks amazing and, more importantly, is as effective as possible. Each campaign, online or physical, is doomed to failure, without the appropriate graphic design, because people in a time of constant rush need a strong incentive to devote their precious time

Guarantee of creativity, efficiency and commitment with creating amazing advertising materials


Nowadays, every company or product has its business card on the web. In this way, all interested people can immediately check the available information and, in the case of an online store, purchase the products. The unique and modern graphic design layout will distinguish your business from hundreds of template pages that look identical, and the optimized programming code will ensure reliable operation anytime and anywhere.

An amazing website that works on any device will bring you closer to success than you think


In the era of dynamic technology and software development, the interface and user experience have a key role for the success of the project. A well-thought-out and planned create process, putting great emphasis on user-friendly use of the application or website, is a priority. In addition, a modern and stunning graphic design layout attracts people and don’t allow to stop using the final product

Let the people who use your app feel like it’s made perfectly for them

Post-production video

In the Internet age, one of the inseparable elements of the company’s brand is a video presenting the range of its possibilities. Regardless of whether you run a profile on social media or you need to montage an advertising spot, movie from holidays, trips or events, we will take care of it, because video post-production is one of our passions to which we apply with full care, taking care of details, thanks to which outgoing video materials from our hand, they are original, thus maintaining a consistent and clear message

Our knowledge and experience in post-production will take your video to the next level

Completed projects